noun | van·guard | ˈvan-ˌgärd

a group of people leading the way in developing workable environments



Vanguard Environments is a full-service furniture dealership offering a wide variety of services, including: Furniture Procurement (Purchase or Lease), Financing, Warehousing and Storage, Space Planning, Installation and Relocation, and Cleaning/Refinishing. Our goal is to cover the past, present, and future needs of your projects.

Let's connect and make the vision you have for your space a reality.



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The best environments require top level furnishings when it comes to manufacturing quality, material options, usability, and longevity. We have developed relationships with a broad range of well-known manufacturers to ensure your environment is the best it can be.

Working Environments
corporate | home office | conference space
Learning Environments
K-12 | University | Library | Senior Center
Healing Environments
clinic | hospital | wellness center
Living Environments
hotel | dormitory | institution
Entertaining Environments
theater | restaurant | retail | port of call
Playing Environments
resort | child care | gymnasium