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noun | van·guard | ˈvan-ˌgärd

a group of people leading the way in developing workable environments

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The best environments require top level furnishings when it comes to manufacturing quality, material options, usability, and longevity. We have developed relationships with a broad range of well-known manufacturers to ensure your environment is the best it can be.

Working Environments
Whether open or private, large or small, collaborative or independent, these spaces are where people get things done.
Learning Environments
Supporting education for all age groups and and areas of study so instructors and learners can achieve success.
Healing Environments
Those who provide care for the mind, body, and soul have special skills. These spaces require special furnishings to help patients and caregivers succeed.
Living Environments
From transient to long-term, living spaces are meant to provide comfort and privacy to people of various or specific ages and abilities.
Entertaining Environments
Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Amusement takes all forms at locations like restaurants, retail, hotels, ports of call, and other public spaces. It's where people and fun come together.
Playing Environments
The right furnishings in recreation spaces support overall wellness. This is where people enjoy competition, relaxation, and physical improvement.